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Quincy Jones |

Producer, Arranger, World Citizen, Life Force

  • Most celebrated artist in Grammy history – with 26 awards and 77 nominations.
  • Produced all-time best-selling album ( Michael Jackson’s Thriller) and single ( We Are the World), which raised millions of dollars for famine in Africa.
  • Scored music for films (In the Heat of the Night, The Pawnbroker, In Cold Blood) and television ( Sanford and Son, Ironside, Roots).
  • Co-produced The Color Purple with Steven Spielberg, which garnered 11 Oscar nominations and introduced the world to Oprah Winfrey.
  • Produced hit series Fresh Prince of Bel Air and Mad TV.
  • His arrangement of Fly Me To The Moon for Frank Sinatra was first recording played by Buzz Aldrin when he landed on moon in 1969.
  • Provided the Mojo for Austin Powers

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